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Our Services

Catering to the Client

Creative Architects is a small personal service firm with a wide range of services. We are a “General Practice” firm with experience in everything from small single family homes to high rise hotels including: single family, multi-family, assisted & independent living facilities, light office and commercial, zoning and HUD projects.


Creative Architects provides services for all phases of a project including:
■ Programming
■ Preliminary Design
■ Construction Drawings
■ Specifications
■ Contract Administration
■ HUD & Bank Draw Inspections


We can help clients plan small parcels and large parcels of land for their needs now and in the future. Master planning is not only good business practice it is required by some cities before the first phase of a project can start.



Scott Roberts has done extensive zoning work including:
■ Presenting zoning cases
■ Authoring zoning ordinances
■ Serving as the Chairman of the Garland Plan Commission
■ Serving as Chairman of the Garland North Area & Garland Central Plan Implementation Committees
This expertise can guide clients through the maze of zoning to facilitate their project’s success

Click below to view some of Creative Architect's previous work

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